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Recycling Plastic Bags, Wraps and Film

Posted on September 8, 2013 at 1:30 PM

One of our projects is focused on helping retailers promote in-store plastic bag recycling.

We have performed a lot of research on the subject and discovered the majority of shoppers use plastic bags and very few recycle them.

Our shopper surveys have shown that most people are totally unaware plastic wraps and thin films can be recycled. For example, the wrap around toilet paper, bread bags, dry cleaning bags, etc.

These can all be dropped off for recycling at most grocery stores along with unwanted plastic shopping bags. It’s always rewarding to share this information with someone for the first time - being there when that “a-ha” moment happens - when they learn they can do so much more with regard to recycling!

We have traveled the country visiting many supermarkets along the way. We always like to pop-in and check out what’s being done to promote plastic bag recycling. Most often we have to really hunt down the plastic bag collection bins. They are usually hidden in the vestibule or tucked away somewhere in the store.

Why is this? That’s what we want to know too!

Several environmental organizations and large corporations alike want to increase the recycling rate for these materials…and we want to help!

In order to increase the plastic bag/wrap recycling rate, people need to know about it. Right!?!

It’s time to incentivize in-store recycling!

How can we accomplish this? We think plastic bag recycling promotion needs to be up-front and take center stage. It needs to be fun, eye-catching and engaging. Stores and brands need to embrace the initiative and start by offering perks to shoppers who recycle their plastic bags and wraps!

It’s pretty simple - check out our quick video. 

Please let us know what YOU think.


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