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Eco-Collect & Connect

  1. Why Plastic Bags?

    Plastic bag recycling rates are low and we want to help increase the amount collected.

  2. What types of plastic films can be recycled?

    Check out the info at!

  3. Does it only accept plastic bags?

    We can build a bin for all types of collection, add custom graphics and create content.  

    Got an idea?  Let us know.

  4. How big is it?

    We can build just about any size.  

    The prototype bin is 36in H X 24in W X 24in D

    The digital signage backdrop is 76in H (from floor) and about 36in W

  5. What is it made of?

    We use eco-friendly materials and plan to incorporate alternative energy in future generations.

  6. Does it require power?

    Currently yes.  We are working on future generations that will be solar powered.

  7. Does it require software?

    There are several options, please contact us to discuss integration ideas.

  8. Is it ruggedized?

    Yes, we build 'em tough!  We design with the end user in mind.  

  9. Who manages content?

    It all depends on how the system is configured.  Please contact us to discuss in more detail.

  10. Additional features?

    If you have an idea or would like to add something, let us know.  We like to build stuff and make things work!  :)

  11. Can you accommodate large orders?

    Yes!  We have established industry connections to help fabricate and deploy large orders.

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  1. How does it work?

    Wireless/RFID Technology is used.  The system performs similar to a toll booth transponder.  

  2. How big is the reminder device?

    We're developing our 2nd generation prototype.  Our goal is for the device to be as small as possible. E.g. smaller than a chicken egg.  

  3. Where can I get one?

    The RBit FROGS are still tadpoles and not for sale yet.  We are working with retailers regarding system infrastructure and requirements. Stay tuned :)

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