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What it is

A fun kiosk/bin designed to inspire eco-awareness, collect more plastic bags and connect with shopper's in-store. 

Ways it can help

  • Enhance existing in-store recycling programs
  • Educate about being eco-friendly 
  • Promote environmental stewardship 
  • Encourage social media interaction
  • Boost green product sales

What it can do

The interactive “green hub" encourages shoppers to check in, deposit bags and quickly scan info.

  • Display digital media
  • Integrate with loyalty programs 
  • Activate ads, coupons, QR Codes 
  • Launch mobile apps
  • Direct shoppers to other areas in the store
  • Share green tips, recipes/meal ideas


  • Corporate, partner branding
  • Customized graphics
  • Future generations incorporate alternative energy
  • Can accept other “hard-to-recycle” materials                     

   First Generation Prototype


Demo Videos


What's Next...Our Plan

We are looking for early adopters!  Our primary objective is to get our kiosk into a retail store to see how it performs.

We have an opportunity to work with the University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI) to conduct a human factors study on the kiosk.  The study would best be performed in a store, preferably a supermarket.  We will share the valuable information gathered with the retailer as additional proof-of-concept and product validation. 

ConnectEKO wants to deliver the very best service and the perfect solution to fit your needs.  That’s why we are always looking for candid feedback and conversations with retailers and consumers - to gain more insight and make things better.  Please click the links above to take our quick surveys!

"Coming together is a beginning; 

keeping together is progress;

 working together is success." 

Henry Ford


What it is

A unique wireless system that reminds shoppers to bring their reusable bags and recyclables into the store!

Ways it can help

  • Encourage interaction with retailer
  • Educate about being eco-friendly
  • Promote environmental stewardship

Demo Video

What it can do

The device is designed to stay in the shoppers vehicle; it can ride on the dashboard or stick to the windshield.

As you pull into the store parking lot, the system triggers a friendly reminder to take your reusable shopping bags and recyclables into the store with you.

  • Send a message to shoppers before they enter the store 
  • Launch mobile apps
  • Integrate with retail media, loyalty programs 


  • Consumer device housed in the form of a friendly red-eyed tree frog
  • Device provides audible “ribbit” sound and visual (LED’s) for notification
  • Future generations of system will incorporate alternative energy

What's Next...Our Plan

We have a 1st generation prototype.  We've been working with a team of engineering students at the University of Dayton Innovation Center on our 2nd generation prototype.   Please stay tuned!


Thanks for your interest!